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Much like the .50 Beowulf round, the 12.7x55mm cartridge will see some action in the civilian shooter market, but not approved for general use due to the extreme power and expense of the round. The position of the bolt also brings up another issue, the possibility of the bolt being caught up on the tactical gear of the shooter. In contrast to the Helghast StA-52, their enemy, the ISA, use the full-sized M82 Assault rifle and is a heavier, full-sized assault rifle mounted with underslung 40mm grenade launcher and despite it being a bullpup (Morita rifle anyone?). Conventionally layed out assault rifles, mount their ammunition and bolt assembly in the middle of the weapon, which is traditional in the history of firearms, however, the bullpup rifle mounts the guts in the rear. It’s late afternoon when we finish our failed whale-watching trip, but we decide there’s enough time to to check out two short hikes on the island. While the Morita rifle takes its name from a Sony executive at the time of SST being filmed, it’s designed was due to the Mini-14 being able to fire blank ammunition with little or no jams. This is very similar to the role performed by the old Mini-14 Muzzelite conversion kit, being the default prop gun for sci-fi media.

During the 1980’s and 1990’s, the default futuristic blank-firing gun of choice was the Mini-14 bullpup Mzzelite MZ14 kit. The gun was seen has unfit for army life, and the Finnish later adopted an AK like rifle. The AKU-94 bullpup has been seen in the X-Files episode, First Person Shooter, Star Trek: Voyager episode Nemesis, and the 1998 Kurt Russel MSF film Soldier as the standard armament for the ADAM program soldiers. Unlike many other bullpup rifles, the AUG is used by other smaller nations for their standard assault rifle, like Ireland and Australia, and has seen combat, especially in Afghanistan. Of course, the Enfield EM-2 gave way to the current assault rifle, the L85, and it was even tested with the .280 round! Of course, the elements of the Enfield EM-2 was recently resurrected by COD: Black Ops, as the Enfield assault rifle, allowing the gun to live on. The main assault bullpup carbine is the Stahl Arms StA-52 bullpup assault rifle that chambers a 5.56x45mm round from a drum-style magazine, and has a underslung shotgun that is limited to single shot.

If the EM-2 and its .280 round were adopted by British, we could have our M16’s firing .280 cartridges. Since the 1970’s, major military organizations have decided to develop and field bullpup assault rifles, more than the traditional layout, only Germany, the USA, and the Russian Federation have kept that layout for their assault rifle. One of the best contemporary applications for the Bullpup assault rifles is very compact CQC variant, like the IMI Tavor Micro TAR-21. The most recent CGI anime works in the Appleseed works show a compact Seburo made bullpup carbine or SMG or even PDW. For much of the life of the IDF, they have used other people’s guns, like the M16, AK, or the FN FAL, then they developed a short-lived Galil rifle, but abandoned it for the M4 carbine. While that gun died, and it was replaced by FN FAL, the idea did not die. The G36 is 39.3 inches in length, and mounts an 18.9 inch barrel, while the AUG is 31.7 inches long, and mounts an 20 inch barrel.

If Top 1000 Reviews and Complaints about Protect America compare, carbine to carbine bullpup, the M4 is 33 inches in length with a 14.5 inch barrel, while the Israeli Carbine TAR-21 (CTAR-21) is 25.2 inches long, but mounts an 15 inch barrel! Being a bullpup rifle means that you do not have a mount a massive barrel, but SST did on the Morita, making it a unwieldy and illogically. It primarily aims to provide a secured management system for IT related risks and compliances when it comes into confidentiality of information that every organization of business have. Not only was this a lightweight assault rifle, very similar to their current AUG, but it fired 5.56mm flechettes via a new type of bolt cycling system. The current standard assault rifle of the British Army, the L85, has a long history dating back to the 1940’s with the EM-2. And besides that, do you really need an assault rifle that fires a .50 round? While a cut-down .50 round seems like a great idea, dosing out massive trauma to its target, the power of the cartridge would tax both the machine and shooter, causing fatigue and damage to both. This new Russian built bullpup chambers a new round developed specially for the ASh-12, the 12.7x55mm. This new round is similar in role and lethality to the .50 Beowulf round developed by Alexander Arms for a specially modified AR-15 rifle.

Unlike the AUG, the FAMAS has not found widespread popularity on the international arms market, but by all accounts, the FAMAS proved itself during Desert Storm and Afghanistan with effectiveness and reliability. Some bullpups have a basic design flaw not found on the FN F2000 or the Steyr AUG, the position of the ejection port. Adding to the mechanical issues, is that bullpups are more complex, and the linkage is much long between the bolt and the trigger, making some bullpup trigger worse than there conventional cousins. The moment the gun is taking off of ‘safe’the red dot pops up, making the gun simple and easy to use, two hallmarks of IDF weapons. Since the TAR-21 was developed in the 21st century, it features a built-in non-zero red dot MARS sight and laser beam as well. Now, the IDF has developed a next-gen bullpup rifle, the 5.56x45mm Tavor TAR-21. This is closest the American military ever got to fielding a bullpup rifle. One question I have for the readers of this blogpost, do you think that the US military will ever adopt a Bullpup assault rifle? The HALO game series seems to have more bullpup rifles than any other sci-fi work, running through each game and book.

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